Sharia101 is a project to articulate Muslim American perspectives on Sharia

As of today 49 bills in 26 states are discussing the banning of Sharia. Five states have already banned it. This anti-Sharia freakout has significant implication for religious freedom in America. That is the reason many Jewish and Catholic organizations are opposing such moves. It is also harmful for business. Therefore some chambers of commerce are opposing it as well.

But when you search images, web, or videos, what you get is mostly extremely negative information.

The Anti-Sharia movement has started with misinformation through internet and it continues to use internet as the main resource for their Islamophobic agenda.

Muslim perspectives however are missing on this topic although some people have written excellent articles on it.

Silence is not the answer. Sound Vision is working on developing a web portal to provide Muslim perspectives in this debate.  Read more here.


The Great Sharia Freakout

Anti-Sharia demonstrations, attacks on mosques, anti-Sharia bills are all a part of a well orchestrated Islamophobic campaign. Here is what New York Times says about it. Jewish community is concerned that after Sharia, the Jewish Halacha might be banned.

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These three brochures are available now for our neighbors providing some aspects of Muslims perspectives on the Sharia debate. Order printed copies here, here, and here; Read them here, here, and here; or Download free from the links below:

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Prophet honored by Supreme Court.pdf Prophet honored by Supreme Court.pdf
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Sharia and the Freedom of Religion.pdf Sharia and the Freedom of Religion.pdf
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Abraham Foxman, the Anti-Defamation League's national director on the Anti-Sharia Laws: "People don't know what sharia means, it's a foreign word"...The proposed anti-sharia laws are "camouflaged bigotry."

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Sharia101 needs your help to complete this crucial project. Sign up here to give your time in stopping the hate by sharing Muslim perspectives regarding Sharia. The future of freedom of religion in this country depends on us working together.

Why your Masjid should donate for this purpose?

All of our Islamic institutions are threatened by the misinformation on Sharia and the banning of it. Masjids are the main organizing source for the Muslim community, therefore Masjids must stand for freedom of religion and against the hate campaign directed at Sharia.

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We need your help in carrying out this project. In order for us to be successful in stopping the well-funded hate campaign we need your contributions to create an effective portal of information to respond to the attacks. Please donate today! It is zakat eligible and tax deductible project.

We expect the first phase of the website to be launched some time in the fall.

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